Zoom and Zen

Zen and Zoom in 'The Mouth of the Dragon'

Zen is a member of the Flying Fists, and pretty much a younger version of Zoom Takazumi. In "The Chosen One", he came to the Salt Flats to take Zoom home. At the end of the episode, Zoom decided to go back, but then Zen told him his new job was to stay and kick Vandal and Sark butt. His vehicle is a jet propelled skateboard.

He then again later appeared in the episode "Mouth of the Dragon" with his and Zoom's former master, Master Takeyasu. Zen contacts Zoom after being sucked into an anomaly that led right to the Red Sentients' home world. The team goes out to find and close the anomaly to stop the red sentients from finding it coming to Earth. It is then later revealed that the Flying Fists' Temple has something to do with Sentient code and it is hinted that Master Takeyasu has fought Krytus, the Red Sentient leader, before. At the end of the episode, Master Takeyasu seals the anomaly, and stays trapped on the Red Sentient home world. Zen falls to his knees after realising his master is lost.

No one knows what happens afterwards to Zen or the other warriors, but in the episode, Unite and Strike!, they are both seen safe in the Multiverse.


He was seen in The Chosen One and Mouth of the Dragon where he was undergoing missions for Master Takeyasu.


He is a very loyal person proven when he persistent in bring home Zoom and when his master was trapped in Battlezone