Winner Takes All is the eighth webisode in Hot Wheels Battle Force 5.


The BF5-team is about to go into a battle zone. Stanford and Zoom make a bet that whoever gets the battle key wins and the loser has to do the winner's chores (Stanford's chore is washing the cars and Zoom's chore is mopping the hub floor). Vert's somewhat annoyed with Stanford and Zoom that they're making a bet when they and the rest of the team are trying to save the world.

After getting into the battle zone and finding the battle key, Stanford tries to get it, with Zoom snagging his motorcycle to the back of Stanford's car. But Stanford's car ends up plummeting and both boys lose the battle key. Back in the hub, both Stanford and Zoom are angry with each other, feeling it was the other's fault that they lost the battle key. But then Vert tosses two buckets and hands them each a toilet plunger, claiming that the bet is settled: they both lost while Vert won, since he got the battle key.

Since Vert technically won the bet, Stanford and Zoom have to do his chore: cleaning the bathroom (which Stanford and Zoom are grossed out by).


  • Vert was technically the winner of the bet, since Zoom and Stanford didn't make any specifications on who had to win the bet, such as limiting to just themselves (they said whoever got the battle key first would win).
  • Apparently, the BF5-team members each have a specific chore to do at their hub. The chores of Vert, Zoom and Stanford were mentioned, but it's unknown what the other chores are.

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