Planet Vandal

It is the homeworld of the Vandals and a Battle Zone. The planet is currently being ruled by Captain Kalus. It is also the home to some mutant anthropomorphic tribal animals. It is similar to a jungle on Earth. In season 2 the homeworld of the Vandals become target of Krytus but the reason why he want to rule this planet is unknown. (Possibly for enslave them or take revenge for make them can't destroy the Blue Sentients by themselves.)


  • Vandals: The predominant race of this planet.
  • Kharamanos: The slave race of the Vandals.

Creatures and Plants

  • Monstrosadon: They resemble apes, armed with large horns. It is the top predator and the biggest creature on Planet Vandal. The blue-bellied variant is nearly extinct. The Monstrosadon like to live and hunt alone.
  • Canivorat: The large carnivorous rats of Planet Vandal, which are considered good eating on Planet Vandal. In Full Revolution after don't have the technology to use the Vandals train and use the Canivorats to be as pet to drag their vehicles. And possibly that the Carnivorats are omnivore.
  • Vandilian Electric Eel: The giant land-dwelling electric eels but possibly that they can live in water too.
  • Vandilian Puffer Plant: This species of plant can shoot a blue gas that can paralyze its victims. There is also a spotted variety, which is much rarer. Its poison causes the victim to laugh madly and hallucinate, ultimately causing them to laugh to death. The toxin kills within an hour.
  • Mega-Mosquito: This species of mosquito is quite larger than the ones on earth, giving it the name Mega-Mosquito. Its bites cause much swelling, itching and redness, as seen in Man Down. They also seem to have a hatred towards Stanford, in which the feeling is mutual.
  • Giant Ammonite: Not named in the series. It is a species of the giant Ammonite that look similar to Ammonite of Earth at 65 million years ago. It lives at bottom of the Vandal Ocean, unlike its Earth counterpart.
  • Giant Anglerfish: A giant Anglerfish that lives at bottom of the Vandal ocean. It is similar to Anglerfish of Earth, although it is almost triple the size.
  • Slug: The Vandals ate them uncooked until, in Grimian's Secret, when Tezz cooked a plate of slugs for Sever using his glove. At the end of the episode, Hatch tries to replicate the results, which ultimately fails. 


  • Volcanic Mountain: The center of the planet and the secret place where Captain Kalus upgraded the Fangore. 
  • Plains of Colderus: The place that located the vehicles factory of the Vandals and is the place where the Kharamanos were enslaved.
  • Culderan Cavern: The place that is the power source of Sentient Technology of the Vandals.
  • Kalus's Village: The main village of the Vandals.
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