Series Name
Season 2, Episode 226
268149 10150318542401287 73074736286 9874483 1498886 n
Air date July 16, 2011
Written by Sean Jara
Directed by Andrew Duncan
Daniel Ife
Episode Guide
Rumble in the Jungle
Full Revolution

Unite and Strike! is the season 2 finale of Hot Wheels Battle Force 5


The war with the Red Sentients comes to its climax, as the entire Red Sentient population is about to be unfrozen by Krytus. At the same time, the Blue Sentient shells are rediscovered with the help of Rawkus as the BF5 attempt to bring back the the Blue Sentient race with Sage's help.

Key Events

  • The Blue and Red Sentient races come back to life.
  • Krytus is banished from the Multiverse by Sage.
  • The Blue and Red Sentients unite again.
  • Vert becomes the leader of the Council of Five, with Sage also becoming a member.
  • Rawkus hints at his true allegiance, for the Ancient Ones have awakened.



"Ride with me into the Darkness" - Rawkus


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