Series Name
Season 2, Episode 215
182062 10150146389921287 73074736286 8658655 4423953 n
Air date February 26, 2011
Written by Ken Cuperus
Directed by Johnny Darrell
Andrew Duncan
Logan McPherson
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Stone Cold Warrior
Hunt for the Magmatrox

The Shadow Zone is the 41st episode of Hot Wheels Battle Force 5.


The episode starts with Battle Force 5 battling the Red Sentient 5 in an atempt to destory Krylox's re-spawn chamber. Vert attempts to save Zoom when he is nearly crushed and fusing into SkyKnife, however, they are transported into the Shadow Zone. Confused, they meet Rawkus there who explains that he had reconfigured the fusion to transprot them here. Insisting to return to the fight, Rawkus also explains that he froze time in the Multiverse so that no one would be suspisuos of them being gone to long. He gives them a tracker, saying that that tracker leads to the Blue Sentient Souls.

Shadows Speeders, mindless shadow creatures, start to randomly attack them, Rawkus reveals that if they come in too much contact with the Shadow Speeders, they'll become Shadow speeders as well. To make things worse, they have limited time as if they spend too much time in the Shadow Zone, they'll become Shadows as well. After narrowly escaping into a storm shocker, Zoom and Vert start to realize that they are transforming into a Shadow speeder. They are then attacked by the Speeders once more, they escape to a Shadow Zone version of the Hub.

Making his way with the tracker, Vert realizes that the Blue Sentient souls are inside Sage's head; however, Zoom is starting too lose control of himself as he almost grabs Vert before pulling back. Rawkus reveals that he had known this all along. As Rawkus is explaining, Vert and Zoom started transforming into Shadow Speeders. Zoom starts to lose control as he grabs Vert by the shoulders and growls. Rawkus helps them escape by making a storm shocker back. With Zoom half gone and struggling to keep his sane, Vert forcefully goes into the Stormshocker, transporting tem back into the Red Sentient 5 Battle. Zoom and Vert revert back to normal, saving Zoom's life; however they fail to destroy the respawn chamber, but Vert still insistes that they had a big victory

Later back at the Hub, Vert and Zoom lied to Sage about "being in the fusion vortex for longer than usual". They then head off to Zeke's to keep from being caught. Sage, however, is suspicious of the two's behavior.

Key Events




  • "The fusion vortex cant transport us from one Battle Zone to another, that's impossible!"---Vert
  • "There are no impossibilites of the Multiverse, just small minds who can't comprehend the possibilites."---Rawkus
  • "Zoom!"---Vert (Zoom growls at Vert with his face half infected and attacks Vert)