Series Name
Season 2, Episode 206
Crimsion one 1
Air date October 16, 2010
Written by Story by
Sean Jara

Teleplay by
Dan Williams &
Lienne Sawatsky

Directed by Johnny Darrell
Daniel Ife
Episode Guide
The Power of Resistance
Spawn Hunters

The Crimson One is the 32nd episode of Hot Wheels Battle Force 5.


On the Blue Sentient planet, many Vandal Warriors destroy Red Sark for sport. Their fun is interrupted when the Red Sentient 5 come in. Ruthlessly and viciously, they attack and defeat the Vandals, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

Kyburi and Kytren soon find what they're looking for: a blue Aegis pyramid. Kytren reports that the Double-Helix Crystals are inside. Their ambition: break the crystals, thereby freeing the rest of the Red Sentients from their stasis. They break down the door and drive in for the hunt.


Within the streets of the Red Sentient planet, Sage ran as fast as she could through the empty planet. Krytus, her twin brother, was advancing on her in the Syfurious. She continued to run, knowing full well of the danger she would be in if she were caught.

She trips on a piece of rubble, sending her tumbling down to the ground and stopping her in her tracks. As she tried to get up, she looked at the Syfurious. On its hood was a pair of crystalline DNA strands, one red and one blue, near each other and spinning.

"The Crimson One…" Sage gasped breathlessly. Her ocular units focused on the two crystal strands in shock and awe as the vehicle came closer to her…

Snapping back to reality from her latest vision back in the Hub, Sage immediately pulled up her data screens. She typed a few things in, and after getting the results, realized that her vision was about to become reality.


On Vert's racetrack, Zoom, Stanford, and the Cortez brothers were busy practicing in their vehicles, with Vert and Agura coaching in the pits. Zoom wheelies ahead, taunting Stanford, who's not in the best of moods.

Vert signals for Spinner to activate the chain maces on the Buster Tank. As the mace spun, Zoom immediately ducked under. The Reverb, however, got hit. Stanford promptly got around the tank to catch up to the Chopper, making an excuse for his mistake.

Not falling for it, Vert promptly activated metal pillars that immediately jut up from the track. Zoom dodges them effortlessly, while Stanford make two turns too wide and crashes into a pile of tires. The group approach him about his off performance.

Key EventsEdit

  • Vert goes back in time to retrieve and destroy the Double-Helix Crystals
  • In the past, a future Vert Wheeler uploads a virus into Zemerik.
  • In the past, Zemerik betrays Krytus and seals him and his team away.
  • The SonicSlash debuts.