Tezz Volitov (voiced by Noel Johansen) is the seventh member of Battle Force 5 and was made a member in The Power of Resistance.


Lost Charge

As Tezz was growing up, he had become a very intelligent individual (even at nine years old), and eventually began studying particle physics and electromagnetism. During one of his experiments, the velocity and output his engine gave created a portal, trapping him on a Red Sentient moon. When the Red Sentient 5 was freed, he fought back against the Red Sark as the sole rebel there, learning of Sentient culture through artifacts and hieroglyphs.

On the Team

He meets the Battle Force 5 when they pick up a message sent by Zemerik. Tezz at first, believes they are enemies, even doubting Stanford when he says he can take him back to Earth. But after getting back, he starts to form trust between his future teammate. He recieves his suit and vehicle upgrade and heads back to the Red Sentient moon to help them.

When Krytus goes in to attack him, Tezz thinks quickly and uses the door of the Splitwire to knock Krytus off the cliff. After the battle, he's made an official member.

Being a backup member, Tezz is usually helping in the Hub with technical and strategical support (The Blue Tide, Full Throttle, and Mouth of the Dragon being a few examples). Though when he is sent into the field, he not only proves himself a capable opponent, but also learns a few things as well. After rescuing the Kharamanos and liberating them with Vert's help, he begins to learn some compassion and begins to accept his new teammates.


He is known to be an extremely intelligent individual, similar to Sherman Cortez. The two seemingly have an understanding of complex things such as Sentient technology and other multiverse aspects, better than anyone shown in the series so far (other than Sage herself).

His notable weapon is his electromagnetic glove, and vehicle. Often dubbing himself "The master of electromagnetism," his knowledge in the field led him to build his electromagnetic glove, which he uses to manipulate the electromagnetic spectrum. When he lived alone on the Red Sentient planet he deceived Krytus and the other Red Sentients into believing he was an army. Later after his vehicle upgrade by Stanford's Sentient Chip, he gains the ability to launch electromagnetic blasts (which can be fired from both his gloves and vehicle). The blasts are strong enough that when used against Krytus during their first fight, it defeated him with one blast from his vehicle.

After his vehicle upgrade, his gloves as well as his vehicle, now dubbed "Splitwire," were increased in their abilities in electromagnetism.

Physical Appearance

At nine years old, Tezz was pretty thin for someone with a lean bodybuild and has black hair in a bob cut with bangs partially covering his right eye. His attire has a Gothic punk style, consisting of brown orange-striped, long-sleeved shirt with a black dress shirt over it and sleeves rolled up above the elbows, black jeans, and brown dress shoes.

Nine years later, his appearance has had a drastic change, and his attire remained the same, but with an exception on the sleeves of his reaching halfway above the wrists, and most of his skin and clothing seems to be covered in dirt due to his time spent on the Red Sentient moon. He even wore a helmet to mask his identity, as well as an electromagnetic glove he's created to project force fields, forcing anything and anyone to fly off.

After being brought back to Earth by Stanford, Tezz now wears a Shocksuit in brown with silver brims on the chest and back and copper accents. His glove is also given an upgrade, now in greyish-blue color with a settings panel and tubes to pump electromagnetic energy into it. Compared to some of the BF5's Shocksuits, Tezz's is much thinner than the others' are thicker.


Tezz is a hard-working scientific genius; often leading him to talk down on others and makes him somewhat of an arrogant person. He prides in his intelligence. As a result, it is difficult for him to admit his faults, express his feelings and work with others. He has lived alone for too long, making him a loner and dependent on his own abilities. Tezz has had no human contact from Earth or the Sentient Moon, so he does not understand simple things like emotion and feelings. Tezz does care about them as a family and when the going gets tough he will fight for them or for anyone in need. Tezz is learning how to be a team player and also learning about himself.

He soon becomes friendlier to the rest of the team, finally seeing Vert as the leader and following him as the rest of the team does.


Tezz's own arrogance gets Stanford's nerves, and the two tend to argue, but they're still a team.

It is through Vert that Tezz begins to learn compassion, some sense of humility, and to be more of a team player. He even acknowledged him as the "superior warrior" in Lord of the Kharamanos.

A.J.'s enthusiastic attitude seems to annoy Tezz, as seen in Mouth of the Dragon. But in later episodes (such as Unite and Strike!) he seems to have warmed up to A.J. (Such as agreeing with him and accepting a high-five)

Often beats both at video games and competes with Sherman about who is more intelligent.


Tezz's vehicle is the Splitwire, a copper muscle car. Through electromagnetism, it can levitate and adhere to metal surfaces. It can also fire electricity from a cannon for long-range attacks.

The Splitwire is used for two combinations: the ShockBlade and the ShatterBolt.

Theme Color

The Splitwire's color and Tezz's suit have a copper color.

Copper, bring a shade of brown, can symbolize reliability and endurance, this is proven in Tezz's focus on his work, and his willingness to rescue his friends. Since Copper is a darker shade of brown, the darkness in it can very well also symbolize darker traits -- like brooding & loneliness, (such as Tezz's time alone on the Red Sentient moon) -- among good qualities, such as Tezz's intelligence & sense of duty.


  • Because of his limited experience with social situations, he finds it hard to understand expressions and euphemisms, as seen in Shadow Runners.
  • He and Stanford are the only members of the team to have passenger seats in their cars.
    • Coincidentally, they are voiced by the same voice actor, Noel Johansen.


  • "A Blue Sentient? I...I thought you were all extinct?! (The Power of Resistance, upon seeing Sage for the first time)
  • "Yes. You're not the only one who'd love that." (Mouth of the Dragon, after A.J. said he wanted to jump off a certain cliff)
  • "My calculations are complete. They are flawless. Let's hope your plan is, too." (Lord of the Kharamanos, after Vert asked if he was ready.)
  • "Go?! But the Kharamanos need our help! WE STAY!" (Lord of the Kharamanos, after Vert spots the Vandals about to attack in number to a compassionate Tezz)
  • "I am a mathematician, not a clairvoyant. I do not have hunches."
    (Lord of the Kharamanos, when Vert said that they should investigate Tezz's hunch)

Conversations involving him

Stanford: Show yourselves, you ignorant hooligans!

Tezz: The fool with his car stuck to the ceiling dares call me ignorant?

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