Series Name
Season 1, Episode 114
22667 317861821286 73074736286 5198579 2696832 n
Air date January 30, 2010
Written by Sean Jara
Directed by Johnny Darrell
Rav Grewal
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The Chosen One
Cage Match

StormShocker is the 14th episode of Hot Wheels Battle Force 5.


When an invention of Sage's malfunctions, Zeke's restaurant is accidentally transported into a battle zone. Vert, Agura and Zoom must go to fight the Sark while Sherman and Spinner fix the invention and Stanford protects his annoying older brother, Simon.

Key Events

  • Simon Ian Rhodes II is introduced.


  • When Zoom was about to used his waist-com, he raised his left arm instead of his right where his com-link is.
  • Stanford openly talks about the Sark infront of Grace, however, it raises no apparent question from her at all.
  • Strangely enough, the BF5-members wear their BF5-uniforms rather than their street clothes in this episode.
  • According to Simon, Stanford is apparently lactose intolerant.


Stanford: I had this moment where I realized, I don't have to prove anything to Simon, I just have to be a bigger person.

Grace: That's awesome Stanford!

Stanford: *continuing* And then the moment passed. I mean sure, my brother is good-looking and charming, but so am I, and I can kick anybody's butt at checkers! *Everyone begins to leave, annoyed.*

Stanford: Agura? Checkers? Race across the sub-flats? Who wants to lose to the unstoppable, indommitable STANFORD ISSAC RHODES?

Spinner: What's that? *picks out a hammer* you want a hammer?