SonicSlash is a binary fusion vehicle made up of the Saber and the Reverb. It combines the razor sharp blades of the Saber with the sonic artillery of the Reverb to create a powerhouse of sonic blades and skin-blistering speed.

The SonicSlash debuted in The Crimson One. The plan was to fuse the Double Helix Crystals to destroy them. However, today has not been Stanford's day, and the plan is almost compromised. Finally, he gets his head in the game and fuses the vehicles and in the process, fused the Double Helix Crystals together. They shoot them at Krytus to blow up the Syfurious and Krytus himself.

It next appeared in Found!...and Lost to get through a crumbling cave. As soon as the group get through, Stanford used the cannons to shoot down all the rubble coming to the Blue Sentient shells.

It last appeared in Unite and Strike! to get into the same cave holding the Blue Sentient shells. Before it could do battle with Krytus, it defused.