The SmashClaw is a binary fusion of the Buster Tank and the Tangler ATV. The SmashClaw combines the strength and tough skin of the Buster with the all-terrain capabilities of the Tangler.

It debuted in Uprising. While the Vandals were distracted during a Kio Hakoko ritual, Vert, Agura, and the Cortez brothers ambushed Kalus and Grimian. The Buster and Tangler first fused together for the fight, where it deflected a blast from Grimian's energy projector and threw back a steel ball from the upgraded Fangore. Vert took the Battle Key from Grimian, and the four returned to Earth, the SmashClaw defusing.

The combination next appeared in The Power of Resistance. The three used the combination to take out the incoming Red Sark army. When Krytus arrived, the SmashClaw tried to attack the Syfurious, but it defused.

It appeared again in the webisode Monsters of the Multiverse. It stopped the Syfurious from attacking Zeke's truck and tossed it away, but it was crashed into by the Synataur. It later escorted the truck with Zeke in it out of the Zone.

It next appeared in Full Throttle. It was used to clear the way for Vert and Dan Wheldon to get into the rings blocking the Satellite. The three used it later to save Dan from Krytus. This was later seen in a flashback in Better Off Red to show how Re-Spawn technology works.

The SmashClaw appeared in Stone Cold Warrior. The vehicles fused together and were able to destroy three of the Red Sentient 5 before it defused when a Red Sark swarm was about to attack them.

It also appeared in The Blue Tide and got stuck that way for most of the episode. Tezz noted that the lightning strike from a zone in a previous mission stablized the energy used to form it. However, it got zapped again later in the episode, and de-fused.

The combination next appeared in Legacy to keep the Red Sentients's hands off a Red Sentient Mobi. However, when the Mobi activated and fired a missile at the SmashClaw, it de-fused.

It last appeared in Shadow Runners to fight off the remaining members of the Red Sentient 5 while searching for Vert and Krytus in the Shadow Zone. Like before, when it fell onto a platform, it blasted the vehicle back up, de-fusing it in the process.