The SkyKnife is a binary fusion of the Saber and the Chopper. This aerial assault vehicle can transform into an airplane-like craft with the Saber's signature chainsaw blade as the primary armament.

The SkyKnife debuted in Ascent of the Red Sentients, Part 2. where Vert and Zoom fought Krytus and Kyrosys in the Battle Zone where Kyrosys was imprisoned. Upon Zoom's arrival, the vehicles fused and the two were briefly able to get an edge against the two Red Sentients.

It was next seen in Mouth of the Dragon. To save Vert from falling, Zoom fired the Fuser, and the vehicles merged. They did battle with the Red Sentients before it defused upon landing.

It appeared again in Full Throttle. The two vehicles merged to get through spinning rings that blocked the way to a Satellite. The rings proved too fast for the SkyKnife, though, and they retreat, the vehicle defusing halfway back to the portal.

The SkyKnife was the main mode of transportation used for Vert and Zoom in The Shadow Zone. It took a few hits from the Shadow Speeders but still managed to stay together throughout the trip to the Shadow Zone and back to the Volcano Battle Zone. Vert called off the fusion as they headed back to the Hub.

It was used in Sol Survivor to follow Kytren's essence through the Multiverse to his Re-Spawn Chamber with Sol guiding them. However, they were led into a trap and the fusion broke off as Sol was about to self-destruct.

The combination was used in The Blue Tide to outmanuever a Zug drone, but it defused while the group was heading to the power room.

It was used for the currently final time in Get Zemerik to escape the Toborian Badlands. The vehicle defused after doing battle with some Alpha Sark, nearly causing Vert and the Saber to fall off a cliff.