ShockBlade is a binary fusion of Vert's Saber and Tezz's Splitwire. The slice-and-dice blades of the Saber do a deadly dance with the electromagnetic forces of Splitwire to achieve multiple attack modes.

It debuted in the episode Spawn Hunters. Vert and Tezz made a leap over to another cliff, and while they were airborne, Vert fired the Binary Fusion Pod. The two vehicles merged and proceeded to do battle with the rest of the Red Sentient 5 (Kytren, at the time, was trapped in a containment device made by Sherman). The two vehicles defused halfway through the fight.

The combination next appeared in Lord of the Kharamanos. To start a rebellion planned for the Kharamanos to be liberated, the two vehicles fused and Vert and Tezz lured the Vandals over to the factory, where an ambush was lying in wait. The vehicles defused when the pursuees got to the factory.

It appeared again in Blast from the Past. The vehicles merged to combat some monsters. They took out all three of those monsters before defusing, Sage and Krytus surprised at the concept of fusion.

The ShockBlade was next seen in Grimian's Secret, albeit only briefly as they charged into the fray between Vandal and Red Sentient armies.

It was next seen in Rumble in the Jungle to drive off the Vandals from the Kharamanos homeworld. Tezz angrily threatened the Vandals after they retreated back to Vandal.