It is the homeworld of the Sark after Zemerik defeated Krytus. Zemerik led the Blue Sark to this Battle Zone and called it Planet Sark. The planet was ruled by Zemerik then Krytus the current leader is unknown.

Sark Homeworld


  • Blue Sark : The predominant race of the planet after Zemerik led them to this Battle Zone.
  • Red Sark : The prevalent race of the planet after Krytus took control.
  • Alpha Sark : The lost Sark of the Torborian Badlands that follow the Alpha Code and are controlled by Zorax.


  • Giant Mech Squid: These robotic squids absorb magnetic energy to survive.
  • Lighting Vulture: They do not appear in the series but they were only mentioned by Kytren.


  • Sark City: City of the Blue Sark later used by the Red Sark.
  • Torborian Badlands: The deadliest place in the Multiverse and home of the Alpha Sark,Giant Mech Squid and Lighting Vulture.
  • Zemerik's palace: The place where Zemerik and Zug make residence.
  • Sark Factories: The places that are used to create the Sark.
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