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The Saber is Vert's car. It was the first Battle Force 5 team vehicle made.

It is the only car besides the Splitwire and GearSlammer that is a Sentient and Earth technology hybrid. The Saber is the primary vehicle for four fusion combinations: the SkyKnife, the ShockBlade, the SonicSlash, and the RigSaw.

Saber's Logo

It can turn its front into an array of powerful blades with buzzsaws and a chainsaw, it also has small wings on its sides that can turn vertical and a rotating cockpit. The rear wheels also possess small blades on the sides and it can even drive while upside down.


  • Initially, Saber was named as "Excaliber".                                                                      Saber's Early Form
  • It's original form is identical to the die-cast "Power Rage".