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Series Name
Season 2, Episode 225
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Air date July 9, 2011
Written by Ken Cuperus
Directed by Andrew Duncan
Michael Dowding
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Rumble in the Jungle is the 50th episode of Hot Wheels Battle Force 5


When the Vandals attack the Kharamanos homeworld, the Battle Force 5 must help the Kharamanos stop the Vandals once and for all, as Captain Kalus and Grimian fight for control of the Vandals!

Key Events

  • Portals to and from the Vandal planet are sealed up. Tromp gets stuck on the Vandal planet in the process.
  • Without their tech, The Vandals were no longer a major threat.
  • The Red Sentient 5 have found a way to unfreeze the frozen Red Sentients
  • Captain Kalus meets Krytus for the first time..





[Tezz saves Tromp from Krocomodo's barrage with Sever's car.]

Vert: Quick thinking, Tezz!

Tezz: Is there any other speed of thinking?


Tezz: Run, Krocomodo! Lay your claws on them again, and I'll take you apart one covalent bond at a time!

A.J.: Yeah...! Yeah?

Zoom: It's Tezz's way of saying, "Don't come back, or he'll pwn 'em."


Kalus: Sever! Do not fail me!

Sever: Do I look like Krocomodo?