The RigSaw is a fusion vehicle combining the speed and ripping blades of the Saber with the power and industrial artillery of the GearSlammer. This powerful machine rides low to the ground like the Saber, but features GearSlammer-like treads instead of wheels.

It first appeared in Deep Freeze. After Stanford fired the shot and sent both vehicles flying, Vert fired the Fusion pod and the two vehicles merged. He and A.J. drilled through the ice and into the Terraforming Pod. On Vert's signal, Sherman activated the program installed into the Saber. The program made the parasites self-destruct, saving the Earth and countless other planets from a possible multi-dimensional collapse.

It was used for an experiment in the webisode A Mouth Full of Fusion. The experiment proved a failure when the vehicle de-fused.

The vehicle combination appeared again in Hunt for the Magmatrox. It was used to try and cut the Magmatrox's horn off, but its body proved too tough for the drills. Vert and A.J. later used it to hold back the Red Sentients from getting to the Magmatrox.

It last appeared in Rumble in the Jungle. Though A.J. was going at top speed, he realized the shockwave caused by the bomb would catch up to his vehicle and shut it down. Vert gave him a boost in speed by fusing their vehicles together and the two got off the Vandal planet just in time.