Quardian the loyal servant of Borealis

Not much is known of this Diad, except that he was a servant to Sage's ally, Borallis. Borallis sent him to a desolate zone to get and store Blue Sentient shells from his tribe. The Battle Force 5 went to the zone that housed him to flee from Kyburi who was pursuing them. Quardian was secretive at first, but then told Agura and Zoom his secret, only to trap them in the cave that the shells were in. Later when he escaped the two, he walked outside in the zone to see what made those earthquakes that almost destroyed the shells moments earlier. Kyburi saw him, captured him, then brought him to the Red Sentient home world. There, Krytus and Kyburi almost extracted information on his mission and the coordinates of the desolate zone. But Tezz rescued him, and brought him back to Earth. There, he saw Sage, and she was kind enough to give him a key modified to bring him back to the desolate zone to continue his mission. If you listen very closely, you will hear that Quardian was muttering what I think is a prophecy while going through the portal. While Sage desired to have her memeory erased, he was in the zone straighteneng the shells, he stared at one shell, and said, "Some day, Master. Some day." He later reappeared in Unite and Strike! and assisted the Battle Force 5 in reuniting the Blue Sentient minds with their shells. His name may be a play on the words 'quiet' and 'guardian', as he was meant to watch over the Blue Sentients until they could be revived.