Penta warriors

The Penta Warriors are a group of Blue/Red Sentient hybrids that created by the Sentients to fight against the Karmordials.


After the Karmordials decided to destroy their own creation, the Sentients created the Penta Warriors, a group with a radical concept of defense. In the battle against them, the group got cornered by the forces of Kromulax and Helixion, one of the members of the group, was forced to leave them behind. Though he was considered a hero by some, most of the Sentients scolded him, calling him a coward for leaving his brothers. As result, Helixion was banished to the Storm Battle Zone by general Karmekaris.

In the future, Vert Wheeler attempts to make Helixion help his team to stop the upcoming invasion of the Karmordials. Though reluctant and hopeless at first, Helixion eventually helps Vert and his team and is eventually reunited with his brothers, who were alive all along and were kept in Hibernation mode by Kromulax. In the end, they fuse into one being and fight against Kromulax, who was alone, before closing the portal to the Primordiverse. It is unclear who won the battle, even though that most likely the Penta Warriors succeded to defeat Kromulax.


  • Due to the fact that they are hybrids, they must be mongrel of couple that are Blue Sentient and Red Sentient, or were either created through artificial means.
  • Unlike both Blue and Red Sentients, they don't have their own planet.
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