Series Name
Season 1, Episode 110
12931 203373771286 73074736286 4537918 4713727 n
Air date November 14, 2009
Written by Dave Dias
Directed by Johnny Darrell
Rav Grewal
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Artificial Intelligence

Man Down is the tenth episode of Hot Wheels Battle Force 5


The BF5 must find a rare spotted Vadalian puffer plant antidote to save Zoom from the laughter toxin given to him by Hatch!

Key Events


Vert: Criss cross crash.

[Sever is about to attack Zoom and the Chopper when Stanford stops him]

  • Stanford: Don't even think about it, fish breath.

[Zoom lands perfectly after failing to make the jump]

  • Zoom: And he makes an awesome recovery!

[Hatch appears]

  • Hatch: Recover from this subcreature!

[Hatch presses a button, releasing a green gas and passes Zoom. Zoom coughs.]

  • Vert: Zoom...!
  • Zoom: [Keeps coughing, stumbles around] Uh... [Falls unconscious]
  • Vert: Zoom!!!
  • Vert: You see, Sever, where i come from we have this great little candy called... Jawbreakers!

[Toxin is affecting Zoom and he starts to laugh. Vert looks at Sherman for an explination]

  • Sherman: The toxin will make Zoom hallucinate and laugh to death.
  • Agura: What? Is there an antidote?
  • Stanford: Yeah! It's called any joke from Spinner!
  • Spinner: Hey!

  • Zoom: But what if they don't make it back in time, Sage?
  • Sage: I have great confidence that Vert will complete this mission. He has been to Vandal before.
  • Zoom: Pshyeah, and he had barely made it out alive.
  • Sage: You must not think negative thoughts. Only positive.
  • Zoom: Sage, if there's a chance that I might laugh to death... then there's one thing I want before I go.
  • Sage: name said item and I will get it for you.
  • Zoom: a double chocolate milkshake with hawaiian sprinkes from Zeke's diner. [Starts laughing] Sorry laughing fit! I think I sprained a lung!


  • Sherman: This is a bad time for this.
  • Spinner: You mean, there's a good time for being crushed by monsters?


  • Vert: This is a stealth mission.
  • Spinner: Ironic, since Zoom is our stealth guy.

[Zeke is watching TV and complaining about how much he wants to meet aliens]

  • Sage: [drives up to order milkshake] Greetings. A double chocolate milkshake with hawaiian sprinkles, please.
  • Zeke: One Zoom special coming up [is still watching TV as he prepares Zoom's milkshake.] He orders it every time. [Hands it to Sage without looking at her since he's too fascinated with the TV show and wants to meet an alien like the guy in the TV show]
  • Sage: Peace out.
  • Zeke: [still watching tv] yeah, p-peace out.


  • Kalus: I am Captain Kalus!
  • Vert: [still dressed as Swamp Mouth and is trying to stall Kalus]: May I see some ID?


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