Series Name
Season 1, Episode 118
26884 373943076286 73074736286 5419359 6827238 n
Air date March 6, 2010
Written by Andy Guerdat
Directed by Johnny Darrell
Steve Sacks
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Cold as Ice
Time Out

Mag Wheels is the 18th episode of Hot Wheels Battle Force 5.


When Battle Force 5 and the Sark and must play Battle Key Soccer but when the key falls in the Sark portal, Stanford and the Cortez brothers must find it. Later as the episode goes on they figure out the long lasted plot twist conspiracy where the 'Sark' are actually called the 'Stark'. They are from a planet designed by Tony Stark aka iron man.


Sherman: And the battlekey is....

(The battlekey appears.)

Stanford: *floors it* MINE! Vert: Thos is my shuttle now mutter trucker !