Leaping Lava is the second webisode of Hot Wheels Battle Force 5


The BF5- team is a lava battle zone, and they've found the battle key, but the Vandals have almost gotten to it and it's too far for them to jump to them (to which Spinner comments, "Unless someone here has a lava-proof wetsuit"). But then Vert gets an idea and tells Stanford to use his car's sound system to blow the bridge to the battle key, which he does.

Captain Kalus, seeing what's just happened, thinks there's no way to get the key, but Vert tells him that there's always a way. Bouncing off the parts of the destroyed bridge that were floating in the lava (while also destroying the vehicles of the other Vandals who were trapped on those parts), Vert gets the battle key, telling Kalus, "You just have to go with the flow." The rest of the BF5-team cheers for Vert, while Kalus roars in dissappointment about losing the battle key.


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