Kytren fused
Kytren (voiced by Michael Dobson) is the fierce and savage scout of Krytus' evil Red Five. He is the counterpart of Zoom as he is responsible for scouting areas for the team. Much like him, he is stealthy and can fight without fear. He is also the twin brother of Sage's mentor, Sol.


Kytren was the first of Krytus' team to be freed by him, showing that he is very close to Krytus. Upon being released, he instantly locates Battle Force 5 and decides to eliminate them alongisde with Krytus. He initially causes lots of trouble to the team, but eventually Sherman assists Stanford and Zoom and the latter manages to defeat him, making him return to his energy essence and go back to his re-spawn chamber.


His vehicle is the Vylirex. It possesses the ability to drive into the ground and reappear at a different location.