Kyburi fused
Kyburi (voiced by Kathleen Barr) is the vicious and evil huntress of Krytus' Red Sentient 5. With a single touch, she is capable of draining the energy of vehicles and living beings. She is much like Kytren and the rest of the Red Sentient 5, is a loyal follower of Krytus and desires nothing more than to please him and, of course, herself. She is the counterpart to Agura.


Alongside with Kytren, Kyrosys and Krylox, she agreed to join Krytus' rebellion against the Sentient's truce. Kyburi later followed Krytus and the others to another planet to gather more troops, but when they returned, every one else on their planet had been frozen by Sage's Double-Helix Crystals. They came really close to free their people, until Vert came from the future and destroyed the crystals. In the process, Zemerik was infected by a virus made by Sage to develop his own conscience, which causes him to rebel against Krytus and imprison his team across the Multiverse.

In the future, Kyburi is the second member of Krytus' team to be released by him. After being freed, she drains the energy of a red Zurk next to her and forms her vehicle to fight against Battle Force 5. She fights against the team and even manages to drain all the energy from Reverb, but she is ultimately taken down by Agura and returns to her energy form.


Her vehicle is the Venikus, a red all-terrain vehicle to aid in her hunting skills. It has a pair of "fangs" on its front that is capable of draining the energy of vehicles and has a stealth mode.