Kromulax - Full Revolution
Kromulax (voiced by David Kaye) is the main villain of Full Revolution and the leader of the Karmordials. Cruel and treacherous, he wants to spread the darkness over the Multiverse and finally have his revenge against the Sentients, who were created by his species a long time ago.


Kromulax is the leader of the Karmordials, a race of primitive stone beings who were one of the first races to ever exist in the Multiverse. They were responsible for the creation of the Sentients, who evolved scientifically while the Karmordials remained primitive. As result, this angered them and led to a war between the stone beings and the Sentients. In order to fight against them, the Sentients created the Penta Warriors, a group of hybrid Red and Blue Sentients. They successfully stopped the Karmordials and their leader Kromulax, but few soldiers managed to escape and hibernate while waiting for their leader's attack.


Kromulax is the deadly leader of the Karmordials and wants nothing but the destruction of the Sentients, whom he displays a reckless hate of.


Like other Karmordials, Kromulax's body is made out of black stone. However, he has a distinctive appearance compared to other of his kind, such as his larger size and orange cracks around his body. He has orange eyes and during most of the time wears a black helmet with dark grey horns and a vertical row of spikes on it. He has a large orange cavity on his torso, spiked shoulder pads and a spiked armor that covers the rest of his arm. He also wears a spiked armor on his legs and spiked knee pads. He also often carries the Penta Warriors (in their Hibernation mode) on his hands as some sorts of trophies.



Bruterax is a close ally of Kromulax.

Kromulax and Zorax are allies. Zorax is highly loyal to him and spent most of his time capturing Sark and infecting them with the Alpha Code to serve as Kromulax's reinforcements.

Kromulax and Zemerik made a brief encounter in Full Revolution. The robot attempted to negociate with Kromulax to keep a small part of the Multiverse for him to rebuild his empire, but he instead decided to eliminate Zemerik.


  • Kromulax, alongside with Bruterax, are the only ones to have orange cracks on their bodies. The other Karmordials have green cracks. He is also the largest Karmordial and has the largest vehicle, most likely because he is their leader.
  • By directly looking at someone's eyes, Kromulax can forcibly make the person tell what he is looking for.
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