Krocomodo fused

Krocomodo is a crocodile-like Vandal and one of the members of Captain Kalus' team. He is second-in-command.


Krocomodo attempted to overthrow Kalus and rule the Vandals in Behind Enemy Lines, He convinced Hatch to follow him during their time in the Battle Zone after Kalus and Sever retreated.

It is learned in Frenemy that him and Stanford both had an ancestor that knew one another. He manipulated Stanford as part of another try at overthrowing Kalus, but was unsuccessful.

From Uprising to Grimian's Secret, Krocomodo's position as second-in-command was taken by Grimian.


His vehicle is the Riptile, armed with saw blades on the front and sides, extending limbs in the rear, as well as grappling cables and arrow launchers. It's also got a small afterburner for boosted jumps.

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