The Kharamanos are a race of super-engineers enslaved by the Vandals to force them to build their vehicles. However, Tezz and Vert manage to unite the Kharamanos in a rebellion against the Vandals and lead them back to Planet Kharamanos.

Known Kharamanos


They appear in Lord of the Kharamanos, Rumble in the Jungle and in Unite and Strike! cheering for Vert.


They are race of small blue bald aliens that appear to be wearing an astronaut suit with a glass helmet and have a singular wheel instead of feet. They were once very timid and easily frightened until they rallied with Tezz and Vert, and then found a leader in Tromp in order to escape. Their point of origin is unknown but they were once residents of Vandal.


Their main strength is their intelligence, as they created all of the Vandals vehicles using scavenged Sentient technology from the Blue Planet. They have been shown to possess great engineering skills, as they repair Vert's vehicle and also set up several traps for the Vandals. This is proven when Tromp, with some help from Tezz, turns a stolen Vandal vehicle into an RC car, and proceeds to attack them with it.

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