The Karmordials (also referred as the Ancient Ones) are a race of primitive stone creatures led by Kromulax and a group of villains in Hot Wheels Battle Force 5. They were firstly mentioned in the episode Better Off Red, being referred as the "Greater Enemy" by Sage and by the end of Unite and Strike!, they are referred as the Ancient Ones by Rawkus. They finally appear in Full Revolution as the main antagonists of the film.


The Karmordials were one of the first species to ever exist in the Multiverse. They were responsible for the creation of the red and blue Sentients. However, their creation began to evolve and evelop scientifically and the Karmordials looked at this as an insult and attempted to eliminate them, but they were stopped thanks to the Penta Warriors and were locked in the Primodiverse using the Meta Key, even though that some of them hid and waited years waiting for the orders of their master to attack. In the future, a Karmordial attacked Modulon 5 and managed to release a Dark Matter Bomb, which caused a Dark Matter wave to spread.

Known Karmordials

  • Kromulax (voiced by David Kaye) - The leader of the Karmordials.
  • Bruterax (voiced by Scot McNeil) - One of Kromulax's henchmen.
  • Unnamed Karmordial(voiced by Brian Drummond) - A minor Karmordial who invaded Modulon-5 and was responsible for spreading the Anti-Matter bomb to assist Kromulax in his revenge against the Sentients.


  • By the end of Unite and Strike!, the constellation shows how the Karmordials would look like. One of them looked like a dragon, one is an octopus, one looks like is made out of fire and ice and the last one looked like a giant gargoyle. However, they appear with a completely different appearance in Full Revolution, being less monstrous and having orange and green accents in their armors rather than purple.

See Also

  • Zorax - an ally of Kromulax who infected many Sark to follow the Alpha-Code.
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