Helixion - Full Revolution
Helixion (voiced by Liam O'Brien) is one of the Blue/Red Sentients hybrids and the last of the Penta Warriors from the battle between the Sentients and the Karmordials.


Helixion was once a member of the Penta Warriors, a group with a radical concept of defense and a combination of the best traits of both Blue and Red Sentients. With their extraordinary abilities, they managed to stop the Karmordials and lock them in the Primordiverse with the help of the Meta Key. In the process, the Penta Warriors were cornered by the forces of Kromulax and Helixion was forced to close the portal and leave his brothers behind, even though he was reluctant at first. Few Sentients praised Helixion for this, but most disliked it and called him a coward for leaving his brothers. Helixion was later banished to the Storm Battle Zone by the general Karmekaris and the first Council of Five.

In the future, Helixion is found by Vert Wheeler, who attempts to convince him to stop the Karmordials alongside with his team. Despite his best efforts, Helixion ends up rejecting his offer and Vert decides to stop the enemies by his own, even with Helixion clearly saying that he didn't knew what kind of threat he was dealing with. Eventually, he assists Battle Force 5 while they were fighting against few Karmordial soldiers.


Helixion is first seen as a resistant, lonely, agressive and hopeless individual, as when Vert mentioned that the Karmordials were coming, he was certain that there was no way to stop them. Despite this cold exterior, Helixion could relate to Vert after he was forced to leave behind Sherman and Spinner, as he was forced to abandon his brothers in the battle against the Karmordials – something that torments him to this day and that he deeply regrets.


  • Blue/Red Syfurious
Helixion Car
Helixion's vehicle sports a similar design to Syfurious, Krytus' vehicle. It shoots lasers and 

Similar to Syfurious of Krytus but it's white and shoots lasers, not spikes, unlike Krytus's Syfurious that is red and shoots spikes.

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