Dead end town
"I say, we take our sweet new rides and high-tail out of this dead end town"

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Hatch fused

Hatch is an intellectual lobster-like Vandal. He specializes in the Black Arts and poisons. He is also adept at creating crude electronics. He's a bit, if not very much, a sycophant and would have no qualms whatsoever with deserting Kalus if a new leader succeeded in overthrowing him. He has also shows some rather traitorous behaviors at times.


He was nearly killed by a 20 foot tall mechanical wasp, but unfortunately being roach-like in more than just appearance, escaped the scenario unscathed.


Hatch's vehicle is the Scarib, a vehicle that appears to be built from the bones of other, larger creatures. It is equipped with a giant scorpion-esque stinger tail and grappling cables.

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