Gotcha is the 20th webisode of Hot Wheels Battle Force 5.


It starts off with Tezz and Spinner driving through a Battle Zone. Spinner tells Tezz that he's going to get hit by the enemy, but Tezz manages to easily defeat them with the Splitwire. Spinner congratulates Tezz on it, but Tezz is very calm and casual about his own victory. Spinner doesn't get why Tezz isn't getting all excited about it, and Tezz doesn't get why he should be excited about it.

Spinner tells Tezz that he needs to learn to fun with things like he does, and reminicises about the time he put hot sauce on Tezz's pizza at Zeke's Diner. After he's done remembering, Spinner notices a new red button in his car, and Tezz reveals to Spinner that he recently installed a new "electro-propulsion turbo-booster" in Spinner's car, which Spinner thanks Tezz for. But Spinner realizes that it's probably a prank Tezz came up with to get back at Spinner for pranking him, and goes to push a different button and gets shocked by it. Tezz smirks and says, "Gotcha."


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