Series Name
Season 1, Episode 122
30123 434189631286 73074736286 6200397 221900 n
Air date April 23, 2010
Written by Robin Stein
Directed by Johnny Darrell
Logan McPherson
Episode Guide
Spinning Out

Gladiators is the 22nd episode of Hot Wheels Battle Force 5.


It's very hot and the Battle Force 5 argue violently over the last energy drink, which Vert has already taken and finished. Then a stormshock appears amd they enter a battle zone that Sage warned them about having a hostile entity inside. The battle zone is basically a huge arena controlled by the mysterious Tors-10. Soon the Vandals arrive but instead of letting them fight each other, Tors-10 puts Vert in a spectator's box, separates the 2 teams and orders them to fight amongst themselves. The Vandals, being their aggressive selves, eagerly beat each other up but the Battle Force 5 only pretend to fight. Seeing this, Tors-10 fires his Aggro-Ray at them, making them extremely aggressive towards each other and so they engage in battle. After a while, Tors-10 turns off the Aggro-Ray and puts the 2 inferior cars from each team into boxes, like Vert's. The 2 remainders of each team continue to fight. Agura and the Cortez brothers remain and while fighting, Agura spots Kalus and Krocomodo fighting on the other side. She pulls Spinner and Sherman over the wall and they defeat the Vandals. Now Tors-10 removes all the Vandals from the arena and put the Battle Force 5 back in. But, he sets the whole team against their leader Vert, and maddening them with aggression, they all turn on him. Cleverly, Vert was able to anger Stanford into blasting the Reverb into the air and shooting at him, which he dodged, so the blasts hit the tower that Tors-10 was in, bringing it crashing to the ground. Tors-10 reveals himself to be some sort of Red Sark and initiates the self destruct mode before breaking down. The Battle Force 5 escape while Vert goes back for the Battle Key. He finds it but Tors-10 grabs his anckle just as he tries to escape. Vert frees himself and the Red Sark is crushed by falling rocks from his self destructing arena. Back at the Hub, Vert tells Sage about Tors-10. Sage believes Tors-10 works for a higher evil, far worse than Zemerik and Kalus, who later results to be Krytus.

Key Events

  • It's later revealed that with the Colosseum Zone destroyed, Jack Wheeler escaped after this episode.


Spinner : you can back it off a notch Vert, cause I have self-controll!

  • fires mace at Agura*

Agura: uh huh self-control, like my 3 year old nephew in a tank !