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Series Name
Season 2, Episode 224
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Air date July 2, 2011
Written by Grant Sauvé
Directed by Andrew Duncan
Barry Karnowski
Episode Guide
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Rumble in the Jungle

Get Zemerik is the 49th episode of Hot Wheels Battle Force 5


Pursued by the Red Sentients, Zemerik and Zug flee to the Torborian Badlands. While Krytus pursues him, the Battle Force 5 need to collect Zemerik's command codes that will mean the end of the Sark! However, the Red Sentients are not the only ones the BF5 will have to deal with, as they encounter the inhabitants of the badlands.

Key Events

  • Zemerick becomes 'infected' with the Alpha Code
  • Due to Alpha Code 'infection', Zemerik's personality bocomes altered, with his Data Files corrupted
  • Zorax appeared at the end of this Episode




  • Spinner: "Don't miss"? You ever hear of something called "positive reinforcement"?
  • Vert: Yeah. Works for Zoom.
  • Zoom: [laughs]
  • Vert: But for you? It's all about tough love.
  • Sherman: [snickers]

  • Zoom: (seeing the Torborian Badlands for the first time) Can I get a "whoa"?
  • Spinner: I'll double that "whoa"...and throw in a "yikes."
  • Zorax: Arise my humble servant.