Series Name
Season 1, Episode 102
5449 146507746286 73074736286 3887220 1504771 n
Air date August 29, 2009
Written by Steve Sullivan
Directed by Johnny Darrell
Rav Grewal
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Starting Line
Common Cold War

Gearing Up is the 2nd episode of Hot Wheels Battle Force 5.


With the Battle Force 5 together for the first time, Vert Wheeler needs to learn leadership when the Battle Force 5 set out to retrieve a Mobias Command Center  to keep Sage alive. In order to survive and overcome impossible odds, they must learn how to use their new vehicles!

Key Events

  • The Battle Force 5 recover a Mobias Command Center for Sage to use.


(The portal to the battlezone opens)

Stanford: It's headbanging time! (Turns on music and bangs his head as they near the portal)

  • Kalus: Why isn't the Mobias moving?
  • Vert: Chillax, Kalus! If you haven't noticed I'm human not Sentient! Their computers don't come with tech help you know!

(Zoom, Sherman 'and Spinner laugh)

  • Kalus: Silence! Or I will feed you to the ape-dogs of Vandal!


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