Series Name
Season 1, Episode 109
13837 197883206286 73074736286 4480931 1647970 n
Air date November 7, 2009
Written by Dan Pilditch
Directed by Johnny Darrell
Steve Sacks
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My Man, Zug
Man Down

Frenemy is the ninth episode of Hot Wheels Battle Force 5.


Stanford discovers that one of his ancestors has travelled throughout the Multiverse and believes that he was a legendary hero, but they have other problems!

Key Events


[Sees a giant statue that looks like Stanford]

  • Spinner: Whoa. I didn't think Stanford's head could get any bigger.

[Group discusses about Stanford and his ancestor's statue]

  • Spinner: I'd blog about it.
  • Sherman: No one reads your blog.

[Stanford sees Krocomodo and is shocked to see him]

  • Krocomodo: I come in peace.
  • Stanford: If TV taught me one thing, it taught me to never trust an alien who says that.