Dropped Call is the 11th webisode of Hot Wheels Battle Force 5


The Battle Force 5 team has just gotten a battle key from the Zark and are about to leave the battle zone. Stanford's cell phone rings and he's happy when he sees that the person calling him his Grace (her picture appears on his phone). He answers his phone but his vehicle gets snagged by Zemerik and his cell phone flies out of the car. Vert tells Agura to rescue Stanford, and they and the rest of the team get out of the battle zone, while Zemerik finds Stanford's cell phone, and is thrilled to have "organic" technology.

The team goes to Zeke's Diner, where Stanford's lamenting the loss of his cell phone. Just then, Grace's cell phone starts ringing and Zeke lets her know, and Stanford gets jealous, assuming that it's another guy who's calling her. Zeke picks up Grace's phone and answers, but it turns out that Zemerik is the one calling Grace's phone, but Zeke just thinks it's somebody prank calling Grace using a "robot voice modulator." Stanford then expresses his hope that Zemerik doesn't call his mom.


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