Series Name
Season 1, Episode 103
6933 151212986286 73074736286 3961695 7737048 n
Air date September 5, 2009
Written by Dan Pilditch &
Steve Sullivan
Directed by Johnny Darrell
Daniel Ife
Episode Guide
Gearing Up
Basic Training

Common Cold War is the third episode of Hot Wheels Battle Force 5.


Irritated by the team's eccentricities -- especially Spinner's germaphobia -- Agura struggles to keep her frustration in check. To make matters worse, Zemerik, the evil leader of The Sark, uses a technology called "Phase Metal" to seize control of the Tangler and uses it against the team!

Key Events

  • Zemerik invents a device called Phase Metal. (Which is destroyed.)


Vert: My stomach's louder than this fusion wrench. Hey, where are those two with the pizza?

Agura: This is gonna be a working lunch, right?

Vert: *laughs* Now that's funny.

Zoom: Guys! Patience is a virtue. 

Vert: Not one of mine.

Stanford: *drives into the garage, nearly knocking Agura over* 

Agura: *groans*

Stanford: Lads back with luncheon yet? I'm famished!

Agura: *angry* The man drives the world's most teched out soundmaking machine, and you don't know how to use the horn!

Stanford: *sarcasticlly* Beep beep...

  • Sherman sneezes on spinners pizza*


  • throws pizza and hits Agura in the face*

Agura: * angry* SPINNER I'M GONNA ....

Vert : *cuts her off* Agura cut him some slack you know how he is with germs

  • stormshock alarm goes off*

Zoom: Saved by the bell

Vert: Sage, anything in your memory that could tell us what we're in for?

Sage: Incomplete Battle Zone data indicates... a type of huge lifeform.

Stanford: Well that could mean anything from the Lochness Monster to my old headmaster, Mr. Wigglebottom!

Vert: *laughs* Seriously dude, Wigglebottom?

Stanford: Actual name, I swear.

Agura: *Agura attacks a Sark*

Sark: *Sark throws the Phase Metal onto the Tangler*

Tangler: *Tangler becomes controlled by Zemerik*

Zemerik: Now I've got you.

Agura: *Tangler moves on it's own* Hey! *Windows darken* Wait! What's going on?

Tangler: *Tangler begins to drive away*

Agura: Knock it off controls!  *tries to control the steering wheel* I'm in control. Please!

Agura: No! Wait!

Zemerik: *Zemerik cackles*

Agura: Zemerik!

Zemerik: You're a prisoner in your own vehicle, organic. As my creator wimpered just before I destroyed him, "Never trust a machine."

Agura: No Zemerik! I swear I'll.... *Zemerik cuts her off*

Zemerik: *continuing* What? If you haven't noticed, organic, you have no control!

Agura: You can't stop my friends Zemerik, they're coming for me.

Zemerik: Precisely.


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