Cold Fusion is the 17th webisode of Hot Wheels Battle Force 5.


Sage is recording a message to the future. As the message plays, a montage of season 1 and early season 2 clips plays from the following episodes: Starting Line, Gearing Up, Mag Wheels, Spinning Out, Axis of Evil, Ascent of the Red Sentients, Uprising, and The Power of Resistance. When she ends the message, the primary members of the team come down. Vert Wheeler vows to stop the Red Sentients. Sage deletes her recording, and Vert says "Let's do this!". The other humans cheer.


In the Hub, Sage has her data screens up.

A montage of clips from earlier episodes begins playing.

  • Sage: (voice over) Over the last year, we have successfully defended Earth from the Vandal Warriors and the Sark Empire. But now we are facing our greatest opponent: Krytus, my twin brother. He is the leader of the five Red Sentient warriors: Kytren, Krylox, Kyburi, and Kyrosys. I have been developing a fusion technology that will combine the greatest assets of our vehicles in battle. The result is a hybrid much greater than the sum of its parts.

Scene changes back to the Hub.

  • Sage: Warriors of the future, you must use the Fuser and defeat Krytus.
  • Vert: (offscreen, above her) Sage.

She looks up to find the team coming down the platform.

  • Vert: We will never let you down. (gets off) This war ends with us.
  • Sage: (she presses a button) Delete entry. We will not fail.
  • Vert: (raising his fist in the air) Let's do this!

The rest of the team cheer.

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