Series Name
Season 1, Episode 115
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Air date February 6, 2010
Written by Matt Sheppo
Directed by Johnny Darrell
Steve Sacks
Episode Guide

Cage Match is the 15th episode of Hot Wheels Battle 5


Vert and Zoom must save Agura, Stanford and the Cortez brothers by racing in a Battle Zone which has a mind of its own!


The episode starts with the gang heading towards a storm shock. Seeing an oppotunity to go out in style, Vert pulls a few tricks in wich Zoom imitates in response. Agura amusingly stated that it was cute. Upon entering the storm shock, they are transported into a dimension where everything is almost perfect for doing tricks. Seeing his oppotunity, Zoom decides to show-off to Vert. After going quite a ways, the track suddenly changes causing Zoom to crash, although he emerged with no injuries except for being a bit sick. Zoom tries to tell the others of his experience, but they shake off his attempt to cover up the crash. 

The conversation is cut short when the Vandals appear on the other side of the Battle Zone. Upon realizing that there were multiple BattleZone Keys, Vert orders everyone to grab a key and report back home. Standford attempts to grab a key, but he realizes it was a hologram; however it is too late and he is trapped in a circular containment unit. Vert warns Standford not to fire his sonic cannons in fear of the sound being trapped with him, but the warning comes to late and Standford fires his sonic cannons and recieves temporary hearing loss. Vert vows to break him and and tells him to hang tight until he can find a way to break him out.

Agura on the other hand had singled out another Battle Key and was taking a careful approach to it; however, the appearance of Callus causes her to speed up. Callus grabs the key, but it turns out it was a hologram too.



  • Agura: "Aw, it's like Vert and Mini-Vert."
  • Zoom: The chopper is about the mental working with the physical! It's wheels are like arms that never tire. It's blades are the fists of a moi ti fighter


  • When Vert grabs Zoom and pulls him onto the Chopper in mid-air, Zoom grabs his helmet from the back of the Chopper. This is not possible because Zoom threw his helmet on the ground back at the controls and never picked it up.