Series Name
Season 2, Episode 203
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Air date September 25, 2010
Written by Steve Sullivan
Directed by Johnny Darrell
Clint Butler
Episode Guide
Ascent of the Red Sentients (Parts 1 and 2)

Battleship 5 is the 3rd episode of Hot Wheels Battle Force 5.


BF5 need to retrieve a stash of data logs inside an underwater Mobi - conviently located in the Vandal ocean!

Key Events

  • Through a Data Log, it is discovered that there are other Blue Sentients in suspended animation.


Tangler Command Center


  • (Hatch is assaulting BF5 with a Sentient scepter that causes headaches)
  • Krocomodo: Raise the Mobi, and the pain stops.
  • Vert: No way! I've had worse headaches trying to pass Algebra I.
  • Vandals: [totally confused] Uh...

  • Sever: [to Vert] Ha, team up with subspecies? Never!
  • (giant squid hits the Mobi everyone's in)
  • Sever: Okay, meatman, what's your plan?

  • Stanford: Time to be a hero Fluffy.
  • (Stanford loads Fluffy, his teddy bear into one of the sonic cannons on the Reverb)
  • (Scene cuts to Vert and Krocomodo fighting. Hatch grabs one of Verts arms)
  • Stanford: Fly like a bird Fluffy.
  • (Fluffy gets launched)
  • Stanford: Fly like a bird!
  • (Fluffy hits Hatch. Hatch gives a confused look, which gives Vert enought time to punch him.
  • Vert (talking like a pirate): There she be, mateys! Let's move in, but be ready for anything!


Battle Force 5: Sage, Vert, Agura, Stanford, Sherman, Spinner & Zoom

Vandals: Kalus, Krocomodo, Hatch & Sever



When the Vandals begin traveling under water, Krocomodo's eye colors are switched.