Series Name
Season 1, Episode 104
6933 156625976286 73074736286 4043122 2564774 n
Air date September 12, 2009
Written by Terry Saltsman &
Sean Jara
Directed by Johnny Darrell
George Samilski
Episode Guide
Common Cold War
Missing in Action

Basic Training is the fourth episode of Hot Wheels Battle Force 5.


When the team goes to train in a previously secured Battle Zone, they discover that a Sark factory has been built, complete with an army of Zurk!

Key Events

  • Sark Factory is destroyed


Agura: Vert? Are you okay?

Vert: *fake smiling* Hey guys!

Spinner: He's mad.

Vert:*struggling to control his temper*  Mad? Why would I be mad? We won another Battle Zone, right? We saved the Earth, right? *tense* Oh yeah, and we all had fun goofing around while I had fun fighting an interdimentional squid, right? *calms down*  Why would I be mad? * closes Saber's doors* Vert: *Yelling inside Saber* Are you serious?! What was that?! And now the Saber's covered in squid goo! WORST DAY OF MY LIFE!!" *drives off*

Stanford: Yep. Definitely mad.


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