Series Name
Season 1, Episode 120
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Air date April 9, 2009
Written by Al Schwartz
Directed by Johnny Darrell
Blair Simmons
Episode Guide
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Artifact Attack is the 20th Episode of Hot Wheels Battle Force 5


The Cortez brothers' artifact collection becomes a problem when it transforms into a hulking giant!


  • Stanford: I know that the Buster is slow, but a sumo wrestler in a rick shaw could get out quicker.
  • Spinner and Sherman: Souvenir Time!
  • Spinner: (watching his brother try to haul a giant star onto the buster when their enemies are getting closer) Keep your head down, get in here, and help us out!
  • Sherman: Come on guys, it's not like our collection is bothering anyone. [Shows scenes where everyone, but Zoom (Zoom is pretty chill with finding their souvenir while working on the Chopper), gets mad/bothered when they find Sherman and Spinner's "souvenirs" in their things]


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