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Alpha Sark were one of five races of Sark. They are the Sark that were lost in the Torborian Badlands, and have been discovered and infected by the Alpha Code. Those infected believe that they have found "enlightenment". They were led by Zorax.


The Alpha Sark were once regular Sark who were lost in the Torborian Badlands and were infected by the Alpha Code.

In Get Zemerik, the Alpha Sark make their first appearance. One of them knocked down Zemerik and brought him to their hideout, where he was infected with the Alpha Code thanks to a pair of soldiers who cornered him. Later on, the Alpha Sark were in reunion where Zemerik was about to sacrifice himself to the Alpha Code. However, before he could, Battle Force 5 showed up and attempted to get his codes. Eventually, Zemerik was eliminated by Krytus, who threw him on a pit. Later on, a group of Alpha Sark brought Zug to the same pit.

In Full Revolution, the Alpha Sark appear following Zorax, who revealed that they were created as reinforcements to the Karmordials. Eventually, Zorax and other Sark captures Sherman and Spinner, and the latter manages to make Zemerik snap out of his reprogramming. Furious, he decides to eliminate Zorax and converts the remaining Alpha Sark into blue ones, thus ending the Alpha-Code threat.


  • Unlike the other races of Sark, they wear the cloak and can speak more than Warning, Intruders Alert and Recognize Function.
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