A Mouth Full of Fusion is the 23rd webisode of Hot Wheels Battle Force 5.


Sherman is running some tests on the fuser with assistance from A.J. and Spinner. Spinner is complaining about his empty stomach, when A.J. points out the pizza and ice cream in the GearSlammer's cab. Then, A.J. brings up an idea to take the Saber (loaded with pizza) and the GearSlammer (with ice cream on the plow) and fuse them together, which Spinner goes for. When the RigSaw (with a massive pile of pizza ice cream on top) comes out, A.J. and Spinner dig in. Sherman is worried about what would happen when it unfuses; which Spinner just ignores. And at that instant, the RigSaw de-fuses, leaving A.J. and Spinner with a massive stomachache. Spinner claims that it was "Still worth it".


At the test track, Spinner presses a button on a remote. The Saber and GearSlammer drive up to him and Sherman.

  • Sherman: Thanks for sticking around to help with the Fuser stress testing, guys.
  • A.J.: Sure.
  • Spinner: (complaining) Bro! We've been doin' this for hours! I'm hungry!
  • A.J.: Hey, not to worry, brah! (Spinner perks up) Hop in!

In the GearSlammer's cab is pizza and ice cream A.J.'s been storing.

  • Spinner: (very satisfied) Oh yeah!
  • A.J.: Hey, how rad would it be if we fused the pizza and ice cream together?

Spinner rubs his hands together with glee. A few minutes later, the two vehicles fuse, the Saber loaded with Pizza and the Ice Cream on the GearSlammer's plow. The end result is a pizza-ice cream combination on the RigSaw

  • A.J.: Unite...
  • Spinner and A.J.: (making a dive for the pile) ...and Crunch!

The two of them start digging in.

  • Sherman: You used advanced Sentient technology on pizza and ice cream?! Did you consider what might happen when it un-fuses?
  • Spinner: Pfft! You worry too much!

A.J. lets out a belch.

  • A.J.: Sooo good!

The vehicle defuses and so does the food in and out of people's stomachs. A.J. and Spinner get stomachaches and throw up offscreen.

  • Spinner: (unwell, eye twitching) Still worth it...

Spinner farts.

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